12743934_10208681282930841_8706676501581822656_nMy Name is Vanessa and I am an Urban Farmer from Long Beach, Ca.  I am manifesting towards building a family farm, and also will be putting together a e-cookbook that will be available on this site. (Goal Date: January 2018)  I have a Bachelors in Agriculture & Minor in Regenerative Studies (sustainability). I will be exploring in traditional meals throughout the world.  Every country that I will be cooking dishes from, I will discuss some of their agriculture and how it relates to the dishes.  I will also create Vegetarian and Vegan versions of it.



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I decided to write and explore two things that really put a fire inside of me.  Cultural Food and Agriculture. Yes they could be the same thing, but food and meals are shared among people. Living in the United States all my life, and being somewhat introduced to different cultures made me feel at home.  One of our main things we share with people is -FOOD!!!  I can not help to feel that the more cultures I learn about, the more they are reflections of myself.  As you explore these recipes you may feel the same way.  I also, will discuss their, local agriculture, sustainability, resources, and links to connect with these communities.


A little fun fact:

Last year I had the opportunity to become a beekeeper. Once I got over the actual insect thing and started paying attention to the their colony and their roles as hardworking bees-I fell in love! I would love to spread my bee love and educate people on having hives to help the population. If we concentrated on all having a few hives compared to a macro bee industry this would help all around. I also take my 10 year old with me to bee-keep, so she is a miniature beekeeper. I have posted some sustainable bee videos. Enjoy!!

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